North Loop & Fulton Microbrewery

by Joe Kirkwood

Experience the North Loop at the Fulton Microbrewery.

The North Loop of downtown Minneapolis is quickly becoming the latest hot spot.  The opening of the Twins Stadium in 2010 was a stepping stone of development.  Today, you can find many wonderful restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores that cater to everyone from retirees living life in a downtown high-rise, to out of town families coming for a visit, to hipsters looking to check out the nightlife.

One attraction that has really reaped the benefits of the notoriety of the North Loop is the Fulton Microbrewery.  Fulton beer was created right here in Minnesota.  The story of the brewery suggests that it was a bitterly cold day when a group of friends decided to brew some beer in one of their garages.  As the tweaked the recipe and the home brew actually began to taste good, the friends decided that this might become a business for them.  Although they had no experience or contacts in the microbrewing industry, they were able to pull together enough money to find a distributor and a temporary brewing home in 2009.  One year later, they were able to secure the home they have today at 6th Avenue North in downtown Minneapolis.

The Fulton Microbrewery offers tours on Saturday and the taproom is open Wednesday through Saturdays and during each Minnesota Twins home game.  The taproom is just a few feet from where the beer is brewed, allowing patrons the full experience of a brewery, from creation to consumption.  Fulton Brewery patrons rave about the taste of the many home-grown, distinct beers.


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