The Future of Loring Park Living

by Joe Kirkwood

Loring Park has long been a neighborhood in Minneapolis associated with the art scene and a unique style of living.  It caters to all types of individuals and embraces the diversity of its residents.  You are like to find young people in their 20’s and 30’s as well as retirees that appreciate the freedom of non-maintenance living and access to the many exciting entertainment opportunities that Minneapolis provides.  While most rental properties in the Loring Park area are in historic buildings that have been converted to condominiums, lofts and apartments, there are changes happening that will make the Minneapolis Skyline look even more beautiful and spectacular.

A Chicago-based developer is currently building a 36-story high rise, high-end apartment building called LPM Apartments in Loring Park and is set to open summer of 2014.  This Minneapolis rental property will be luxurious with a featured 355 apartments, a fitness center, business center, swimming pool, lounge and even a movie theater.  Add to that, the sweeping views of downtown Minneapolis that can be viewed from the proposed high rise, an exquisite new property that many will enjoy for the first time. Not only will it create state-of-the-art living for Minnesotans, it will also create many jobs in the construction industry which strengthens the Minneapolis economy and lowers unemployment rates.  There has not been an apartment “tower” built in Minneapolis in over three decades.

Apartment living is at an all-time high in the Minneapolis area.  People prefer the convenience of living downtown, or nearby, and love the ease of being close to all that’s happening in this bustling city.  Minneapolis rental home and apartment vacancy rates are less than 2%, which is an all-time low, and LMP Apartments could be a much needed solution, giving more people the option to live in an urban area and enjoy all that it has to offer.

MPLS Rent is a leading property management company in the Twin Cities and is following the news of this development closely. For more information on the LPM Apartments and other Minneapolis rental properties that are available, visit the website:

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