The Smack Shack – Food Truck to North Loop Restaurant

by Maggie Kirkwood

How great would the perfect lobster roll taste right now? Did you know that, right here in Minneapolis, you can get a lobster roll that was voted one of the best in the nation by Bon Appetit magazine?  The Smack Shack restaurant, located in the hopping North Loop area of downtown, features a 1,100-gallon salt water tank specially built and designed for the restaurant that houses the daily delivery of live lobsters.

CC Image courtesy of Janellie on Flickr

This restaurant hasn't always had doors. The Smack Shack started as a food truck that would park in downtown during the summer months. They sold their soon-to-be-famous lobster rolls and po’boys to the working lunch crowd. As word spread, business boomed and suddenly the little lunchtime Smack Shack food truck was not going to cut it anymore. Enter the 1029 Bar. This cozy and unpretentious bar allowed the Smack Shack to sell its food straight from the truck. Business continued to boom.

CC Image courtesy of bradleypjohnson on Flickr

With fame came demand. Once again, it was time to expand, this time in the hottest neighborhood in the Twin Cities, the North Loop, which has quickly become a food-and-drink hotbed. The famous lobster roll continues to be the best seller, but the restaurant has evolved into a full-service joint, with lobster boils, fresh oysters, burgers and salads, two bars and a gigantic patio.

CC Image courtesy of Fauxlaroid on Flickr

For those fans of the original food truck, the food truck will still operate at the 1029 Bar. The truck will also be used to try out new recipes and ideas, so be on the lookout for something new to try.

Pretty impressive stuff for what started as a food truck, eh?

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