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The Smack Shack – Food Truck to North Loop Restaurant

by Maggie Kirkwood

How great would the perfect lobster roll taste right now? Did you know that, right here in Minneapolis, you can get a lobster roll that was voted one of the best in the nation by Bon Appetit magazine?  The Smack Shack restaurant, located in the hopping North Loop area of downtown, features a 1,100-gallon salt water tank specially built and designed for the restaurant that houses the daily delivery of live lobsters.

This restaurant hasn't always had doors. The Smack Shack started as a food truck that would park in downtown during the summer months. They sold their soon-to-be-famous lobster . . .

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Historic Soo Line Building Apartments

by Joe Kirkwood

I love living in Minneapolis. I'm from Australia and live and breathe for the ocean, but Minneapolis is a thriving city I am happy to now call my own.

And one of the most exciting things happening in Minneapolis is the refurbishing of old commercial buildings and giving them new life as residences. A great example is the Soo Line Building in downtown, once the tallest commercial building in the city, it's now one of the most stylish places to live.

I love modern design, but I also have a great love for tradition and history. While the inside has . . .

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