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Neighborhood Spotlight: St. Anthony Main

by Maggie Kirkwood

They say St. Anthony on Main is where it all began. Considered the “birthplace” of Minneapolis, this historically-rich neighborhood is set along the Mississippi Riverfront and is just a stroll over the bridge from downtown. It boasts raved-about restaurants, myriad trails, gorgeous condos and some pretty remarkable views.

Looking for something to do? Here’s a preview of some of the area’s summertime hot spots and popular events.

Bites & Brews

The Riverfront District boasts a numerous restaurants and . . .

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Urban Living Now: Luxury Apartments vs. Condos

by Maggie Kirkwood

Over the past year, you may have noticed a change in downtown Minneapolis. Dozens of newly-constructed luxury apartment buildings have sprouted up, with more in the works.

Developers are designing high-end complexes that mimic the luxury benefits of privately-owned condominiums. Why be weighed down by ownership when you can get the same perks by renting a high-end apartment?

A Matter of Property Characteristics

Apartments and condos are easily confused, but the key (and most recognized) difference is ownership. There are several other distinctions that classify these dwelling types, however. Here’s a quick look at the common differences between them.

Apartments . . .

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