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Downsizing: Tips for Transitioning to a Smaller Space

by Maggie Kirkwood

Downsizing from a single family home or townhouse to an urban condo or loft? When moving to a smaller place, scaling back your belongings requires a bit of planning and smart decision making. If you’re not sure how to pare down all of your extra stuff, here are some tips for transitioning from a larger home to a smaller space.

Start early. Give yourself at least a month to get organized. Put a downsizing game plan in place so you can avoid the mad rush of eliminating things on moving day. Measure! If possible, scope out your new condo and . . .

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Fun Family Activities in Minneapolis

by Maggie Kirkwood

School may be just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to soak up summer fun on the weekends. Looking for kid-friendly things to do around Minneapolis? Make the most of family time and add these must-do activities to the top of your list.

Go on a Pedal-Powered Adventure

Gear up and create your own pedal-powered adventure. Whether you’re with tiny riders or big kids, the paved rails-to-trails pathways are perfect for family outings. In fact, there are so many miles of bike trails in and around the Twin Cities, you can practically throw a dart . . .

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